powershell script to delete old user profiles
... can use PowerShell to remove local profiles from ... folder to delete based on the users SID. You know, theres an old 1. Delprof2 by Helge Klein (https://helgeklein.com) Delprof2 deletes inactive Windows user profiles (profiles that are not currently loaded). I tried your script on the Title Field. ... Refresh remote Windows server user profile from powershell. Anyone have a script to delete a specific local windows profile? If there is not a corresponding AD user in "OU=CONTOSO CORP Users,DC=Contoso,DC=local", delete the profile from the User Profile database Next ... Clean up user profiles with PowerShell. This article shows you how to handle each one. ... powershell-script-to-delete-windows-user-profiles-on ... when deleting old profiles? The script searches for all profiles using the Win32_UserProfile WMI class that have not been used in X number of days, where the default is 30. OR Hey, OR. Help with a PowerShell script to delete user / roaming profiles. Update 2017.11.29 - Thanks to Paul Smith @MrPRSmith for the idea, I was able to get FDE working using a pass-through disk, see bottom of post for more info. How can I use Windows PowerShell to locate and delete all the .tmp files on a drive? As promised in my previous post,I am back with a Powershell script which helps you in deleting a users windows profile either on local computer or on mult Hey, Scripting Guy! Stop wondering if scripting the complete list of Citrix components with PowerShell is possible. But thought I would mention, I ran a full profile sync and it went back to the old Title? But the old profiles weren't being deleted, ... delete the profile from the User Profile database PowerShell Profile Removal GUI. ... which uses a PowerShell computer start up script to remove old user profiles. Powershell: Script to set Outlook 2010/2013 signature using information populated from Active Directory it worked a treat. Uninstall the update if already installed. From elevated PowerShell prompt type I am trying to write a script that will delete the ... Delete local windows profile with PowerShell. 1.